Database list

Name Code From Tosort descending Territory Website
Registre de la population du Québec ancien RPQA 1621 1850 Quebec, Canada www
Geneva Demographic Database GDD 1800 1880 Geneva, Switzerland www
Italian Historical Population Database IHPD 1796 1883 Casalguidi (Tuscany) and Madregolo (Emilia), Italy
POPUM DDB POPUM 1620 1900 Sweden www
Historical Database of the Liège Region HDLR 1806 1900 Liège, Belgium www
Odense database: Persons and buildings in Odense, 1741-1921 ODENSE 1761 1900 Odense, Denmark www
The Demography of Victorian Scotland: Linked data for 4 Scottish communities, 1861-1901 DVS 1860 1901 Scotland www
National Sample of the 1901 Census of Canada CFP 1901 1901 Canada www
China Multigenerational Panel Database-Liaoning CMGPD-LN 1749 1909 North and south-central Liaoning, China www
Texas Counties Database TCD 1850 1910 Texas, US
Portuguese Genealogical Repository PORGENER 1550 1910 Portugal www
China Multigenerational Panel Database-Shuangcheng CMGPD-SC 1866 1913 Shuangcheng County, Heilongjiang, China www
Historical population database of Transylvania, 1850-1914 HPDT 1850 1914 Transylvania, Romania www
Integral History Project Groningen IHPG 1770 1914 Groningen, Netherlands www
Mosaic project MOSAIC 1430 1918 Europe, best coverage until now for Central and East Central Europe www
Antwerp COR-database COR 1846 1920 Antwerp district, Belgium www
Historical Sample of the Netherlands HSN 1812 1922 The Netherlands www
The Roteman Database TRD 1878 1926 Stockholm, Sweden www
Founders & Survivors: Tasmanian life courses in historical context FAS 1803 1930 Australian colonies and states, United Kingdom and Ireland www
Koori Health Research Database KHRD 1855 1930 Australia www