About Collaboratory

The collaboratory aims to bring together the main users, developers and administrators of databases in the field of historical life courses. Besides providing information and exchanging opinions, we work to create common data structures and software.

In order to enter the collaboratory, please log in first. Then click on 'Topic Board' in the pink bar above. The collaboratory is organised in a simple way. The topics to be discussed are organised in broader categories. You find these categories on the topic board.  Each topic contains one or more posts.  A post contains a text and  may be accompanied with attached documents or files.

After subscription, you will get an email notification if one of the other users of the collaboratory starts a new topic or reacts on a post in one of the categories. If you don't want to receive these notifications or if you want to be kept informed only about the developments in one or a few categories, please adjust the settings at 'My profile'.