Workshop of Working Group 7

On 25 November 2014, the Center for Economic Demography in Lund, Sweden, hosted a workshop of Working Group 7 (Education).

The main purpose of this workshop was to develop a coherent structure for the courses organised by EHPS-Net and to analyse their content in order to avoid overlaps. The participants were members of the working group, representatives of the universities and research centers organising the courses (Umeå, Lund, Nijmegen and Cluj) as well as some professors who are involved in the teaching process. The participants presented the structure, aims, target groups for each course and concluded to prepare a comparative presentation of the courses available on the EHPS-Net website. There are currently eight different courses organised in the EHPS-Net programme: two at basic level – in Amsterdam, on IDS and in Cluj – on theoretical aspects in historical demography, two more advanced courses, focusing both on theoretical and practical aspects of historical demography – in Lund and Nijmegen/Leuven, two advanced courses  - in Amsterdam, on IDS extraction and in Lund, focusing on GIS, and finally two statistical courses – in Geneva and Umeå.