Research course at Lund University

The Center for Economic Demography and Department of Economic History at Lund University will host a two-week intensive course on Living Conditions and Demographic Change in Pre-Industrial Societies from 2-12 September 2019.

This advanced course in economic demography equips students with sources and methods for analysing living standards in the past. Using event-history analysis and combining longitudinal individual level demographic data with information on socioeconomic factors at household level, and macro data on food prices, wages, temperature, and rainfall, we investigate short and long-term economic stress and early life exposures on later life outcomes as well as intergenerational social and biological transfers.

How to apply

Apply via email to Jeanne Cilliers by sending: 

  • a two-page curriculum vitae, including a list of your scholarly publications;

  • a one-page letter from your supervisor at your home institution supporting your application; 

  • a one-page statement of your research and how it relates to the course and discipline.

Application deadline is 1 May 2019.

More information can be found here and here. Questions regarding application can be directed to Jeanne Cilliers.

Information of admittance will be sent on 31 May 2019. A maximum of 20 students will be admitted.