Workshop on IDS for Population Registers

19-20 September 2015 a workshop on IDS for Population Registers will be held at Lund University, Sweden.

This will be an expert workshop on the translation of population register data into IDS. Although IDS is a very flexible framework, we will all benefit from shared solutions to common problems. The workshop is open to projects that already have experience with IDS, and participants are expected to be familiar with IDS standards and principles. The workshop will be chaired by George Alter and Kees Mandemakers.

The workshop will begin at 09:00 on September 19 and end at noon on September 20.

Attendance at the workshop will be limited. Please contact Luciana Quaranta ( by July 15 to reserve a place at the workshop. The deadline for final registration is August 17.

Participants must pay for their own travel and lodging. Information about hotel reservations will be provided.