Fourth meeting of EHPS-Net

On 20 September 2016, the fourth meeting of the EHPS-Net took place in Leuven, Belgium in the Raadzaal of the Faculty of Social Sciences of KU Leuven.

The meeting was organized as a pre-meeting to the second conference of the European Society of Historical Demography (ESHD). Twenty-nine participants from seventeen different countries attended the meeting. All EHPS-Net working groups reported on the progress they made since the start of the network and unfolded their plans for the future. The reports were followed by a discussion. For a detailed report about the meeting, please read the minutes of this meeting. See here for the minutes. The minutes can also be found at the EHPS-Net collaboratory.

The meeting in Leuven was the closing meeting of the ESF program EHPS-Net. The network started in 2011 and went on for five years. Most important decision in Leuven was to continue the network in the future. This will be done on a budget that will guarantee the maintenance of the key activities of the network. These are the website including the collaboratory and the IDS repository, the e-journal, the IDS framework and the summer school system.  The budget will be covered by contributions of partners and by small applications. Another change will be the structural involvement of partners that did not fully participate in the network. These are not only the databases in the UK, Spain, Italy, etc. of which the national scientific organisation didn’t commit themselves to EHPS-Net, but also partners from outside of Europe, such as databases from China, USA, Australia, Canada, etc.

Foregoing meetings were organised in January 2012 at the IISH in Amsterdam, September 2012 at the Hungarian Central Statistical Office in Budapest, and September 2014 in Alghero on Sardinia, Italy.