EHPS-Net International Summer School in Historical Demography - Introductory course

Second edition of the Summer School, 29 June - 7 July 2014, at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The second edition of the Summer School in Historical Demography will take place at the Centre for Population Studies in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, between 29 June and 7 July 2014. The course is organized by the EHPS-Net and Babes-Bolyai University and is addressed to MA students, those enrolled in PhD programs or those who recently received their PhD. The deadline for the application submission is 1st of May 2014.

The courses are structured in theoretical and practical ones, including introductory historical demography lessons, both sources and methods and database design, cross-sectional data, applicative courses (Access and STATA).

The participants will be assessed at the end of the course and will receive graduation certificates.

For more information please consult the leaflet.