Intergenerational transmissions

Introduction: Intergenerational Transmissions of Infant Mortality using the Intermediate Data Structure (IDS)

It has previously been shown that infant mortality clusters in a subset of families, a phenomenon which was observed in historical populations as well as contemporary developing countries. A transmission of death clustering across generations has also been shown in Belgium, but it is unknown whether such effects are specific to the studied context or are also found in other areas.

Program for Studying Intergenerational Transmissions in Infant Mortality Using the Intermediate Data Structure (IDS)

Studies conducted in historical populations and developing countries have evidenced the existence of clustering in infant deaths, which could be related to genetic inheritance and/or to social and cultural factors such as education, socioeconomic status or parental care. A transmission of death clustering has also been found across generations. One way of expanding the knowledge on intergenerational transfers in infant mortality is by conducting comparable studies across different populations.

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