Data model

Extending the Intermediate Data Structure (IDS) for longitudinal historical databases to include geographic data

The Intermediate Data Structure (IDS) is a standardised database structure for longitudinal historical databases. Such a common structure facilitates data sharing and comparative research. In this study, we propose an extended version of IDS, named IDS-Geo, that also includes geographic data. The geographic data that will be stored in IDS-Geo are primarily buildings and/or property units, and the purpose of these geographic data is mainly to link individuals to places in space.

The Intermediate Data Structure (IDS) for Longitudinal Historical Microdata, version 4

The Intermediate Data Structure (IDS) is a standard data format that has been adopted by several large longitudinal databases on historical populations. Since the publication of the first version in Historical Social Research in 2009, two improved and extended versions have been published in the Collaboratory Historical Life Courses. In this publication we present version 4 which is the latest ‘official’ standard of the IDS.

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